MagicLink - modern server for SDR frond-end radio devices. Allows remote access to the data stream both on the local network and via the Internet.


  • Can use a low bandwidth network channel
  • Distributed digital signal processing
  • Mirroring all settings of the radio device on the client
  • Ease of server discovery on the local network
  • Ability to access the radio device via the Internet

Supported hardware:

  • Airspy HF+
  • Airspy R2/mini

Supported platform:

  • Windows x64 (Windows 10, Windows 11)


The project is currently in public BETA testing. Backward compatibility and stability are not guaranteed. Any feedback and bug reports are always welcome.


The server automatically sends a broadcast packets, which allows the server to be discovered in the local network. There is no need to enter the IP address of the server manually.

To access over the internet, your server must be able to accept an incoming connection.

Available arguments

magiclink.exe -h

Download (Windows)

MagicLink Windows v0.9.3